New Jabroni Pro-Wrestling w/ Daniel and Bonesaw: The New Beginning in Osaka


February 13th, 2024

1 hr 40 mins 18 secs

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THIS. IS. WARRRRRRR GAAAAAMES! But with only one ring! But that doesn't mean it's going to be half as good, or half as long, for that matter! Daniel and Bonesaw discuss The New Beginning in Osaka, which featured just about the craziest match either of these two have ever seen in a cage between The United Empire and The Bullet Club War Dogs! A fitting end to Will Ospreay's tenure in New Japan! Oh yeah, and it's Okada's last match... with Tanahshi! I didn't have to type that in, but I did! Guess what else? This podcast is safe for work now, so expect to hear a lot of bleeping!

This podcast is safe for work.