Andy is a lifetime wrestling fan who grew up loving guys like Shawn Michaels, Great Muta, Flyin Brian, Lex Luger, and Sting. As he got older and into college and Olympic wrestling he grew to love guys like Brock, Kurt Angle, and Shelton Benjamin while admiring the promo skills of The Rock, the moves of the Hardy’s and the hilarious antics of Edge and Christian. He Velveteen Dreams of a time where tag wrestling will main event shows and loves guys with the initials of KO, Owens and Omega, and believes that women’s wrestling is the best it has ever been with ladies like Lynch, Flair, Banks and Baszler. His best memories of live events is going to the Royal Rumble in 06, getting hit by a piece of a table in a Sabu vs Abyss Barbed Wire Massacre match from TNA’s Turning Point in 05, attending Wrestlemania in 2017, and seeing guys like MJF, Joey Ryan, and Darby Allin at MLW’s Never Say Never card in 2017. Andy thinks we are in the greatest era of wrestling as he believes there truly is something for everyone.

Andy Liner has hosted 41 Episodes.